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Grades cont…

Vasco 50kg Memory Foam Available standard size full depth mattress’s or various thickness toppers it can also be custom cut to any size

Any of the above grades of foam in any combination can be laminated together to form a sandwich cushion or a standard foam base with a memory foam topper.
Ie. (1) a 3″ CM50H core with a 1″ CM35S top and and bottom will make a 5″ thick cushion initially soft to sit on with a firm support from the 3″ core.

ie (2) a 3″ reflex400H base with a 1″ memory foam topper to give your campervan/caravan cushions/mattress a luxurious feel

We do not charge for laminating any of our foam grades together just order the various layers you require then at the checkout in the “special instructions” box just type the word “Laminate”.  If you are unsure  contact us for further details we are here to help!.

A Guide to quality:The First Two numbers in any foam grade denote the density  (ie. Reflex500 = 50kgm3 density foam) with the higher numbers being the best quality foam
Lower density budget foams are supplied by us but we recommend you select from our range above.

Dacron/Wadding  can be wrapped around your cushions to protect your covers and initially soften your foam.

Dacron/Wadding  is a white cotton wool like material widely used in the upholstery trade .

Stockinette is also available to prolong the life of your cushions and helps make light work of putting your new foam inside your covers. Please Note their is no maximmum length of this product but the maximum width  is 100cm (40″)