Memory Foam


Fire Retardant UK Manufactured 50Kg High Density Memory Foam, get a better night’s Sleep and wake up refreshed with fewer aches and pains. There just is no other sleep surface which responds to your body’s weight and shape like memory foam. Add a memory foam mattress topper to your existing mattress and really improve the quality of your sleep.

MEMORY FOAM · is Hypoallergenic · Responds to body temperature · Has Pressure relieving qualities · Promotes good circulation · Is resistant to dust mites · Is ideal for allergy sufferers · Moulds to your body contour

One topper should be sufficient depending on your requirements. However, we suggest that you use no more than two toppers as memory foam is not a support in itself and does require a sound base. we recommend that you use a fitted sheet or mattress protector over your topper. We also supply memory foam cut to size use our instant quote page for a price or Use the drop-down box to select standard mattress and toppers in various thickness options.

Metric Conversions (Cabin bed 183cm x 76cm),(standard Single 190cm x 91cm),(Double 198cm x 137cm) & (King 198cm x 152cm).

(1″ = 2.5cm), (2″ = 5cm), (3″ = 7.5cm), (4″ = 10cm), (5″= 12.5cm), (6″ = 150cm), (7″ = 175cm) & (8″ = 200cm)