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CM35S Standard Grade – Medium density – soft feel (Pale green Colour) Suitable for : Headboards and Upholstery Padding
Soft mattress
Soft mattress overlays
Soft back cushion
Soft seat cushion
Soft caravan/Campervan & boat cushions


CM35H Standard Grade – Medium Density – Firm Feel (Blue Colour) Suitable For: Firm mattress
Firm mattress overlay
Firm seat cushion
Firm chair pads & window seats
Firm caravan/campervan & boat cushions


Reflex400H   Superior Grade – High Density – Firm Feel (Grey Colour) Our most popular  high density grade  Suitable for:
High use sofa and chair  Seating cushions
Luxury mattrssCampervans/caravans and boats


Reflex500         Superior Grade – Very High Density-Medium feel (salmon pink Colour)
Superior quality foam for
Mattress overlay
Seat cushions


CM50H   Superior Grade – Very High Density – Hard Feel (white Colour)Hard seat pads & window seats
Hard seat cushions
Wheelchair cushionsDining chair pads


CM35M Standard Grade – Medium Density – Medium Feel (Green Colour) Our most Popular Standard grade amongst our customers and can be supplied with a memory foam topper when used in Caravan/boat & craravan seating/bedding applications Rock n roll beds
Medium seat pads & window seats
Medium seat cushions


Please note we have no control over the exact colours of any our products and will not be held responsible for any variations

Reconstituted Foam
Various densities
Very High Density Available in 6lb (6LBRECON) Density with a  hard feel or 8lb (8LBRECON) density with a very Hard Feel
Recon is made up from granules of our scrap foam and bonded to form a 100% recycled foam used for Wheelchair seats
Church kneelers
Bar stools etc