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Acoustic Foam Treatment Tiles and Sheets

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Acoustic Foam Treatment Tiles and Sheets





Acoustic Foam Treatment Tiles and Sheets

Egg-box,Pyramid or Wedge

Acoustic Foam Treatment Tiles or Sheets
Egg-box Style , Wedge or Pyramid style

Convoluted Foam (egg crate pattern) with a Total Thickness of 4cm (2cm Base/2cm rise) or Pyramid and Wedge Style with a total thickness of 5cm (1cm Base/4cm rise) in charcoal grey optionally this foam is also available flat without any pattern. This product is manufactured from 25kg/m3 Acoustic Foam to exacting British standards. The foam Complies with FMVSS302, UL94 HF1 and the furniture/furnishings flammability test . Designed to control the acoustics and reverberation characteristics of Recording Studios, auditoriums, Home cinemas etc. Our acoustic foam will greatly assist in reducing reverberation, reflections and flutter echoes.

All our acoustic foam designs have a profiled face (egg-box, Pyramid and wedge style) to increase the surface area of the foam we do this to achieve greater noise absorption, All our Acoustic Foams will have exceptional noise reduction results when fitted to machinery enclosures or inside boiler rooms etc. We are the UK’s Largest Acoustic Foam Retailer.

Egg-box , Wave or Pyramid Style Acoustic Tiles

We Also supply Click here for details; Acoustic Bass traps

Egg-box acoustic foam now also available in white, see the dropdown box for options


Full size egg-box style sheet measuring 250cm (98″) x 200cm (80″) 5m2 (54 sq.ft.)

Half Sheet egg-box measuring 200cm (80″) x 125cm (49″) x 4 cm 2.5m2 (27sq.ft.)

Sheets of Wave and Pyramid Style Foam Measuring 200cm (78.75″) x 100cm (39″) 2m2 (22 Sq.Ft).

Packs of 8 tiles (50cm x 50cm) of wave, Pyramid and eggbox Style foam 2m2 (22sq. ft.)

Packs of 24 tiles (30cm x 30cm) eggbox Style foam 2.16m2 (26.2sq. ft.)

(custom cut sizes are also available contact us for details and prices)

All our products are available with the option of easy to use self adhesive backing (all you have to do is peel off the backing paper and push into place) , alternatively you can purchase our cans of 500ml heavy duty aerosol adhesive. Please use the below drop down box for a full list of our acoustic products.


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