Acoustic Bass Traps

our acoustic bass trap kits with our unique wave profiled faces are ideal to be fitted into music studios or home cinemas. The work as acoustic energy absorbers which are designed to damp low frequency sound energy.

They trap the bass energy that collects in the corner of a room and allow you to control the low frequency energy, providing a critical listening environment.

To give your diy project the professional look our unique Wave Pattern Base Traps are manufactured to the same lengths as our 500mm x 500mm egg-box,Pyramid or wave style acoustic tiles so no cutting will be required if you use a combination of acoustic tiles and base traps.

We offer this product in a kit containing 2off 300mm x 300mm x 250mm length and 2off 300mm x 300mm x 500mm lenths or as single items, use the drop down box to select your requirements.